We offer the following services:

• Expert vendor evaluation • Multistage reactor design • Polymer reactor agitator design • Bioreactor agitator design • Fermenter mass transfer calculation • Bioreactor heat transfer calculation • Fermenter agitator design, scale-up • Fermenter energy optimization • Fermenter pilot plant experimental protocol

Reasons to use Benz Technology Consulting

These days, with all major manufacturers having trimmed their technical staff to the minimum, they can no longer be counted on to catch specification errors.. The minor suppliers, while inexpensive, do not have the expertise and software to inspire confidence in their designs.

Benz Technology International, Inc. can properly specify both process and mechanical design features needed to assure a successful installation, as well as impartially evaluate bids and consider power cost optimization.

We can do this more cost-effectively than you can do it in-house, because not only can we do it correctly, we can do it in a fraction of the time it would take your own people.

We have audited several facilities which had process and mechanical problems with their fluid agitators, and have made specific recommendations to correct deficiencies. Some of this information was used for binding arbitration.

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