Benz Technology International, Inc. represents Enviro Energy Solutions, Inc.; (abbreviated EES).

EES is a company dedicated to cleaning air/gas streams leaving your site. EES will provide for your plant virtually any air cleaning system needed, including custom built high efficiency abrasion resistant cyclonic separators complete with the discharge gate dampers and collecting hoppers, hot gas quenchers, low energy single or multistage rod-venturi scrubbers, high energy venturi scrubbers, packed towers for gas absorption, marble bed scrubbers and Wet ElectroStatic Precipitators (WESP or WET ESP) as a stand-alone unit or as a mist eliminator downstream from the low energy scrubbers such as rod-Deck or marble bed. These systems will remove soluble gasses, particulates and liquids that act as particles, such as sulfuric acid mist, often created by nitrogen-oxidizing catalysts intended for NOx control.

By installing our high efficiency cyclonic separators upstream of the scrubber we can substantially reduce the amount of solids in the recycling liquid and increase the reliability of air cleaning equipment.

This approach is even more important when a Material Recovery System is combined with air cleaning equipment and recovered material is preferred to be in the dry state.

Though EES can design and build virtually any kind of air cleaning equipment, the WESP system has many great advantages for particulate removal, especially for very fine particles (or mists which act like particles, such as sulfuric acid created as a byproduct of NOx catalytic conversion), which cannot be economically removed by any kind of dry electrostatic precipitator, baghouse or wet scrubber.

To see if you might benefit from a WESP or other system, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Do you have any ongoing dust or smoke problem you would like to fix (or that government regulations will force you to fix)?
2. Do you have any product recovery problems such as loss of valuable materials in the form of small dust or smoke?
3. Do you have operating problems with existing air pollution control equipment? For example, a bag house in which the bags are getting wet and clogging up or any other problem related to moist and sticky exhaust. Likewise, similar problems with dry electrostatic precipitators.

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, you might benefit from a WESP system.
Perhaps you do not have any problems and have a high quality venturi scrubber or tray scrubber that is providing 20% opacity operating at 40 in. w.c., as some states allow. But there is an opportunity for you to save electrical energy for your blower since for the same efficiency our WESP (pressure loss is only 0.5 in. w.c.) uses far less power for the blower. For equal airflow and opacity, our WESP will generally use less than 2% of the power of a wet scrubber. Normally return on investment is about one year and after that, believe it or not the
WESP BECOMES THE MONEY MAKER! Maintenance cost is also lower as our unit is self-cleaning.

If the volume of exhaust is 100,000 cfm (about 40 MW Boiler and up) or larger we also can provide a demonstration unit of about 10,000 cfm attached to the exhaust stack as a slip stream and let you test and measure the efficiency. The cost of the test can in most cases be credited to the price of a big project.

If this is of interest to you, please contact us with particulars. All contacts should go through Benz Technology International, Inc.,

See pictures in the side bar comparing stack emissions when the WESP is ON vs. when it is OFF