Mixing Lab Tests by Benz Technology International, Inc.

Many mixing applications are well known and predictable enough to be designed from first principles or from agitation software, with no need for “wet” testing. Other applications are more risky, and would benefit from specific laboratory testing plus scale-up.

Benztech can conduct or supervise such tests, and scale-up the results. These tests may be conducted at a mixer vendor’s lab, the customer’s facilities (sometimes with Benztech’s equipment) or at Benztech’s facilities, depending on the circumstances. Each has advantages and disadvantages:

At a mixer vendor’s lab:

  • Generally has the most complete facility for testing
  • May or may not have experienced personnel
  • Employee turnover may pose IP protection risk
  • Creates an implied duty to buy from that vendor
At the user facility:
  • Low IP risk
  • May not have suitable equipment (Benztech may be able to bring some on site, with limitations)
  • Avoids need for stable samples. Dynamic conditions can be tested.
  • No shipping hassles.
  • No other real choice possible for mass transfer tests in most cases, especially in gas/liquid contacting, such as aerobic fermentation
At Benztech:
  • No IP risk
  • Only a top industry expert will be involved in testing
  • Limited range of testing conditions and hazard levels possible. E.G., many tests have been run on biomass slurries and grain processing slurries, but not on flammable solvents.
  • Limited equipment available compared to top mixer vendors.

Precision Torque Cell at Benztech Lab
Precision Torque cell at Benztech lab

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