Greg Benz

* Experience: 35+ years in the mixing industry, including international experience in North America, Europe and Asia.
* Philosophy: Quality is less expensive than downtime.
* Primary focus: Fermentation and Bioprocessing applications; grain processing; ethanol (cellulosic, starch and other), biodiesel and other alternate fuel production; chemical reactors, polymers and high viscosity.
* Education: BSChE, U.C. 1976, plus continuing education courses
* Other: Course Director at the University of Wisconsin Continuing Education and Outreach program. Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio. Registered Expert with Intota. Subject Matter Expert (SME) with ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering). Author of online courses through Decatur Professional Development. Member of AIChE, ISPE, SIM, American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and American Mensa.

Kim Benz

* Primary focus: Leadership Development: Chartering Project, Functional and Business teams. Organization Design and Products Research. Intellectual Property Assessment and networking. Knowledge mapping and modelling to uncover and use tacit knowledge.
*Education: BSChE from University of Cincinnati, 1976. Certified Personal Development Coach.
* Expert Consultant for Iluminov and YourEncore