Benztech, in conjunction with its partner, Terrace International,
has vetted the following kinds of equipment made in China and other developing countries to be suitable in quality and reliability for the US market:

Multiple Effect,Falling film, Forced circulation,Mechanical recompression
Flash, Fluidized bed, Direct heating rotary, Rotary Steam Bundle Dryer/cooler,Drum,Rotary Steam Tube dryer
Reactors/tanks/heat exchangers/evaporator with special metals,
IX Column,
Dewatering screw press, ,
Filters of all types,
Crystallizers of several types,

High speed solids mixer,
Pellet Mill,
Hammer Mill, Disc mill,
Single Screw Extruder, Twin Screw Extruder,
Marine Disc Separation Centrifuge, Nozzle-bowl centrifuge, Biodiesel centrifuge, Chromatographic Separator,
Screw press,
Heat Exchangers of all types,
Boilers (ASME certified), Biomass and animal feed cubers and pelletizers.
If you don't see it on this list, just ask.

Here are some of the advantages our firm offers:
  • Experience from both an equipment manufacturer's and user's persepective
    More than 12 years experience engineering and sourcing overseas suppliers for a major international corporation
    Multinational, multicultural experience both at Benztech and Terrace International
  • Unique combination of engineering and purchasing skills, as well as specific equipment knowledge
  • We save you potentially millions of dollars while minimizing the risk

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